• LOOP is calling. What would you say?😍🔞
  • Too salt? Never heard about it! 😋🔞
  • Strong first weeks of LOOP Habanero Mint!
Hope you love it as much as we do!😍🔞


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EASTER COMPETITION🐣 Time for an egg hunt. Get your hands on a 10-pack of your favourite LOOP flavour. Which country does the Easter Bunny originate from... Finland, Germany or the Netherlands?😌

Rules are simple. Comment your answer below, follow @loop.official.eu and tag 2 of your friends in order to join🔥

No purchases necessary to enter or win. Competition begins on April 2nd 2021 at 15:30 and ends on April 5th 2021 at 23:59. Open to Swedish residents 18+ years old (with legal guardian permission where applicable). 10 selected winners will be contacted via DM and then announced on Tuesday April 6th 2021 🔞.

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  • Would you like to have this as a poster?🤔🔞 #nicotinepouches #loopmania #refreshinglydifferent
Our stronges pouch (yet)😍🔞 

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  • Habanero Mint - Now available at @snusbolaget.se !! Link in bio😍🔞
  • Introducing LOOP Habanero Mint! Exclusively at @snusbolaget.se Link in bio🔥🔞
  • Can you guess what’s coming up?🔞🙌🏻😍
  • What have you been up to this weekend?💐 #nicotinepouches
  • How are you celebrating Valentine’s day❤️🔞
  • During what occasion do you use LOOP?
  • This is L😶😶P 🔞
  • Almost as hot as _ _ _ _ 🔞🔥
  • A bird with proper taste💯🔞
  • What should be our next flavour?
  • Perfect dinner plate 🍽🔞
  • Lockdown entertainment 🔞💐
  • Everyday is celebratable 🍭🔞
  • Snack time🤑🔞

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